Available Works

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Roxanne 2020 Brett McDanel .JPG
Dime Store Moon Man .JPG

Roxanne, 2020  SOLD

Dime Store Moon Man, 2020

Inquire Directly

The Yellow Baron, 2018

Inquire Directly

Spiritual Awakening .JPG

Spiritual Breakthrough, 2019  SOLD

I'll See Myself Out 2019 Brett McDanel_e

I'll See Myself Out, 2019 SOLD

High Noon .JPG

High Noon, 2020 SOLD

Government Assistance .JPG

Government Assistance, 2019 

Inquire Directly SOLD

Babysitters Worst Nightmare002 .JPG

Babysitter's Worst Nightmare, 2019 

Inquire Directly   SOLD

Artificial Heart .JPG

Artificial Heart, 2019 

Inquire Directly SOLD

Heavy Is The Crown .JPG

Heavy Is The Crown, 2019  SOLD

Supermax .jpg

Super MAX, 2019 SOLD

One Dime At A Time .JPG

Revenge, One Dime At A Time, 2019 SOLD

In My Dreams .jpg

In My Dreams, 2019 SOLD

You Cant Fire Me I Quit .JPG

You Can't Fire Me, I Quit, 2019

Inquire Directly SOLD

The Warden .JPG

The Warden, 2019

Inquire Directly SOLD

Target .JPG

Don't Give Them Ammunition, 2019 SOLD

Life's Little Hoops, 2017 SOLD

Birdcage LowRes .jpg

Green With Envy, 2018 SOLD

Sink To Your Level, 2016 SOLD

Long Live The King .JPG

Ling Live The King, 2019 SOLD

Haunted, 2018 SOLD

When everything falls in place.jpg

When Everything Falls In Place, 2018 SOLD

Middle America.jpg

Middle America, 2018 SOLD