Playing The Fool © Brett McDanel Sculpture

Brett McDanel



A Sense of Purpose

Sculpture Artist Brett McDanel at his Studio in Norman, Oklahoma

For the last twelve years I have been working as a professional artist constructing innovative industrial sculptures from found objects. The recurrent theme in my sculptural work is pushing through to overcome struggle; and I seek to inspire strength through the narratives I depict. The subjective nature of my work is driven by universally relevant experiences and materials that are commonplace...

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Inspiring Strength in Others
Sculpture That Tells A Story

Sometimes people get shut down and they won’t push through. I know what that feels like because I’ve been that person. I also know how it feels to pick yourself up, push through your struggle and triumph over hardship. Those moments of strength can be life altering for the people who experience them. I draw on those universally relevant personal experiences for the stories I sculpt. The work I create is often defined by dark comic undertones and depicts moments of struggle and triumph; which form the dichotomy of my focus. The mood ranges from lighthearted and playful to absolutely heart-quaking. I am driven to make an emotional connection with my viewers and inspire their strength through our common experience.

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Lie to Me © Brett McDanel Sculpture
Invention Box © Brett McDanel Sculpture
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